I have a higher tolerance to cold than most people I know

I’ve found.

In the past couple of weeks I got asked a few times why I was still sitting outside when all the others had retreated inside.

I replied that I was storing cold for the Summer.

They seem perplexed by my answer.

No matter.


My God that woman is hot.

Hot hot hot.

And she is sitting at the bar. Where I’m sitting. I’ll say something about the music,the DJ, whatever, see where it goes from there….so, here we go

And….who’s the bearded guy? Too many fucking bearded men in this country….what is this, The Year Of The Beard?

Huh. She’s is touching his shoulder now. They know each other. Could be a friend. Not to worry. So, here we go….

Aaaaaand she is kissing him in the mouth.

O-kay…..time for a second drink then.

Piece by piece

Αποφάσισα ότι εν θέλω να ξανακούσω μπουζούκι.


Εν με ενδιαφέρει με αν εν το μπουζούκι σε αριστουργήματα όπως το Αξιον Εστί, με αν εν το μπουζούκι σε εξαίσια λαικά όπως του Μητροπάνου με αν εν σε ρεμπέτικα του Βαμβακάρη.

Εν θέλω να ξανακούσω σιόρ. Με στα ράδια, με στα μπαρ με πούποτε.

Εχόρτασα να τα ακούω τόσες δεκαετίες.

Τι εχόρτασα, έσπασα.


The Incredible Passenger

I just realized that whenever I go to a restaurant for lunch or dinner I’m always the only person sitting alone.

Tonight, as I was sitting at a place – terrible service by the way – I suddenly had an image of someone standing outside the entrance holding a loudspeaker shouting “Come! Come Ladies And Gentlemen! Come and see this most rare and fascinating creature of which no other has ever be found in all the fathoms of our fair island! Come inside Ladies And Gentlemen, come and see the amazing Lone Diner!”

The food wasn’t great either

Bad sleep

I dreamed yesterday.

I don’t remember the last time this happened.

I never did believe that we dream every night but don’t remember anything in the morning.

Regardless of how big the army of scientists behind such claims is.

The unremembered truth is another name for oblivion.

In the dream I saw a woman I used to know from the university.

A woman I used to fancy in what seems now like a lifetime ago.

I last saw her five years ago and she hasn’t been in my mind for about the same time.

I learned that she got married last year. Might have a kid too, the way these things often go.

In the dream we were sitting with a group of people discussing about going somewhere.

Arranging some trip.

And what was striking was that apart from her, all the others were couples.

Her and me, rather.

They perplex me these dreams.

No. Something stronger.

They irritate me.

The dreams in which people from my past appear without invitation and cause,

Performing their little stage act and then leaving as abruptly as they came

As if their sole purpose was to mock me.

I post this as a beacon

Not for others but for myself

In time it will draw in the words

From whatever hell they currently reside

And they will start rising from the darkness

Writhing like worms