I like to perveive body language as another being entirely, living on our skin as some kind of living shell – an alien creature that came down inside a meteor in your back garden and you got it by being too damn curious.

And it is fascinating to watch it lying dormant , pretending that it’s not really there, until it thinks you aren’t looking and springs to life only for you to catch a fleeting glance of it with the corner of your eye.

Who knew so much was hiding in plain sight?

One leg spread out on the sofa, one leg on the floor.

Perfectly still but for the typing fingers

In the future this may very well be a meditation position

Thoughts loop inside my head like a rollercoaster stuck forever on the same part of the track, uncaring about the physical laws it is breaking.

The trivial mixes with the serious.

One moment I try to grasp the direction my life is going

Another moment I think of a chocolate cake I dreamed last night.

In between, random memories flare up triggered by equally random glances at online articles

“I met him at a dinner party” says one celebrity of her celebrity husband.

Have I met anyone interesting at any of the dinner parties I’ve been?

How many parties have I been to?

Did I let any opportunity slip between the canapés?

I run the films again and again filling up the missing parts with décor out of movies and glossy magazines.

I wake up from my trance feeling vaguely angry. So many of the dinner parties I went to were shit. I feel cheated out of something even though I was not entitled to it in the first place.

But enough ridiculousness for one night.

I get up and break my attempt at achieving enlightenment through idleness

Only to find myself comically standing up with nowhere to move to.


Αποτυχιες τζιαι αλκοολ

Ακουω σαχλες κουβεντες που σαχλους αρσενικους σε σαχλες παρεες.

Ρητορες της δεκαρας που αναλυουν με στομφο περισσο τις ολοδικες τους θεωριες συνομωσιας για τους Αμερικανους που εκατασκευασαν τον Εμπολα στα εργαστηρια τους.

Οι γκομενες που τους ακουν ομως τζιαι χασκογελουν εν ομορφες ρε γαμωτο

Η ζωη εν γεματη που ασημαντα σημεια μη επιστροφης.

Ισως σαν προπομπο των σημαντικων

Σημερα ανοιξα ενα τενεκεδακι χωρις να ειμαι σιγουρος οτι το ηθελα.

Μετα το *τσιακ* ομως ολα τελειωσαν.

Δεν υπηρχε επιλογη.

…..Lollipop lollipop lolli lollipop…….

Γιατι καλαμαριζω;

Εν παω καλα.

Εψες ειδα ονειρο οτι ο ηλιος εγινε τεραστιος τζιαι εγεμωννε τον μισο ουρανο. Εν ηταν ο χαριτωμενος λαμπρος κυκλος που ξερουμε αλλα τζεινο το τερας που θωρεις στες φωτογραφιες των τηλεσκοπιων γεματος κηλιδες τζιαι αναδυομενες μορφες πανω στο δερμα του.

Αλλα εν ηταν καθολου ζεστη. Ουτε και κρυο. Απουσια θερμοκρασιας. Και σιωπη, απολυτη σιωπη.

Κατι τα νεα οτι καποια επαντρευτηκε

Κατι τα γκρεμισμενα σπιθκια γυρω που το Ληδρα Παλας

Κατι ο δυνατος αερας τζιαι το θροισμα των δεντρων

Κατι η γενικη ησυχια

Eνιωθα οτι ημουν εξω που τον κοσμο των ζωντανων

Some nights you just lose

I am with people I know

One is a friend

But i choose to sit alone.

A tragedy

Of sorts

Too many happy people in the joint.

And too many of them are wearing shirts.

Not a pleasant sight

A party, I learn.

Two parties.

One is having a birthday

The other is getting enganged.

Free cake

At least