I’ve been trying to think of a post that will bring me at least ten comments for about a week now.

Still nothing.

I’ve been eating a lot of salads lately. By which I have discovered that most places in this town serve shit salads.

Throughout my life I’ve never been a typical sample of an island native. My inability to worship meat and consume it in great quantities was one of the traits that would out me as a foreign spy and lead to my execution if this was some alternative reality autocratic state.

Of course this may have been purely out of circumstance; where I to have been born in a rich family I might have been raised on a diet of daily steak. I never claim that this was a conscious choice but at the same time I made the conscious choice not to change course on the matter.

I am not a vegetarian nor do I envisage myself ever becoming one; the incredible variety of tastes and textures that cooked meat provides to the experience of life is not something I am willing to forsake.

Yet, having reduced my meat consumption during the last few weeks, I’ve come to crave it a lot less than I had imagined; minced meat in particular seems to be something that I hardly miss at all. At the same time I have found myself viewing excessive meat consumption as obscene, something that is nothing less than hubris against creation.

Following up on that, and provided that I don’t win the lottery and have daily  steak banquets and a live-in ensemble of asian chefs, I envisage myself continuing these low levels of meat consumption for the indefinite future. Perhaps I might elevate the days when I eat a curry or a steak into profound meditative and spiritual events to make the feeling especially rewarding; although it has to be said that this fuckin city doesn’t have any place where you can eat a half-decent curry or steak. Just as well, maybe.

Fun story: A brazilian guy was visiting Cyprus for the first time. Now, as you know Brazilians have a thing for beef. As in they have it for breakfast lunch and dinner. And ok, their beef is ranked among the top in the world for steaks

Anyway, he is introduced to an Indian guy who is vegetarian on religious grounds. When he first hears it he cannot believe it. He asks “How can you live?! How is this even possible?!” with all the shock of someone who finds out that the hot chick who took home with him is a transexual. Following repeated assurances from the other guy that he can survive without meat our Brazilian lets out a sigh and says almost crying “My friend..you don’t know what you are missing!”


It’s the little things that really makes us different.

Not the faces, not really.

For given enough time the face becomes an interface rather than a feature; a means to an end.

It’s the personal rituals that differentiate one from the other; those behaviours acquired over the years, willingly or unconsciously, that become our stamps.

In this evening I feel stranded. The table I’m sitting in, it has transformed into my very own deserted island far from any shipping lanes. Perhaps when I leave and a couple sits after me it will become a rollercoaster or a shelter or an arena.

And it is so that when I am in this particular frame of mind that I carry out one of my own personal rituals.I drink  black coffee. No sugar or milk. Then and only then; matching starkness with starkness.

Ο Γιαγκος Μικελλιδης μεσα που τα γραφτα του εδινε μου την εντυπωση ενα βαθια δυστυχισμενου αθρωπου.

Ενει ξερω αν τουτη η εντυπωση μου εσιει σχεση με την πραγματικοτητα.

Ουτε τζιαι θα μαθω ποττε.

Αλλα για ενα πραμα θελω να πιστευω οτι εχω δικαιο: οτι κανενας αλλος Κυπραιος δεν εκαταφερε να περιγραψει την γυναικεια ομορφια με τοσο σαγηνευτικο τροπο τζιαι με τοσες λλιες λεξεις.

The One Electronic

I’ve been following Grimes on and off for years now.

On first hearing her songs I thought they were just like all the other tweepop songs out there; cute but of little value

On subsequent listenings however I realised that there is a lot of musical craftmanship involved; they are some of the most intricate electronic pieces of work out there. And on some songs the lyrics refer to subjects that are anything but cute.

Overall, I find Grimes to be much more than meets the ear. There is something in her music that feels like echoes from a distant future and echoes from the future is what I live for

So Robin Williams killed himself.

By hanging from what I gather.

Hanging at home seems like a particular harrowing way to go.

It’s not easy to setup a DIY gallows – IKEA doesn’t stock those.

But even if it did there is no guarantee that you won’t get the instructions wrong and end up with an erotic asphyxiation machine instead.

Given that you can’t ensure the breaking of the neck, death can take several seconds which is several seconds too many.

Few things are more agonising in my mind than feeling yourself die.

Come to think of it there really isn’t a sure fire method for instant death.

Kariotakis once advised would be suicides not to try self-drowning. Having tried it himself and failed he advised instead to use a gun which he duly did a short time after.

But even a gun isn’t fool proof. If your hand shakes you might lodge the bullet on a different part of your brain than the right one and end up a vegetable that is never the less unfit for vegetarians.

Perhaps the best way then is to rely on good friends. You can confide your difficulty in finding a good way to kill yourself.

They will either manage to change your mind or hire a hit man to blast your brains out with a sniper rifle while taking a dump.

Παραδειγματα που να αποδυκνειουν οτι στην Κυπρο εν εχουμε εντυπα μαζικης κυκλοφοριας που να αξιζουν εσιει παρα πολλα

Εγω ειπα να ασχοληθω με ενα γιατι εφανηκε μου πολλα κτυπητο

Που την ημερα που επεθανε ο Robin Williams η αγγλικη Guardian δημοσιευει σε καθημερινη βαση αρθρα για την καταθλιψη που πολλους διαφορετικους αθρωπους – επιστημονες, ηθοποιους, συγγραφεις τζαι αλλους που επερασαν η που υποφερουν που καταθλιψη. Τζαι οπως ειναι συνηθισμενο στα σχολια που κατω που τα αρθρα βρισκεις λογο που ειτε ειναι ισαξιος του αρθρου η ακομα τζια καλλυττερος.

Στη Κυπρο για τις εφημεριδες μας η καταθλιψη απλα δεν υπαρχει. Εν κατι που εχουν μονο οι Βορειοι στην Ευρωπη. Αν γραφτει τζιαι τιποτε ενναν κανενα αρθρο που ενα φιλοξενουμενο ψυχολογο που εν τοσο στεγνο τζιαι αψυχο που θυμιζει κειμενο βιβλιου μαθηματος βιολογιας παρα οτιδηποτε που θα φερει τον αναγνωστη πιο κοντα με την φυση του προβληματος τζιαι το τι αντικτυπο εσιει στους αθρωπους.

Στη Κυπρο γενικα φαινεται οτι υστερουμε παρα μα παρα πολλα στην καλιεργεια του πνευματος τζιαι στην επιμορφωση του κοσμου μεσω των ΜΜΕ. Τζιαι με την παιδεια εν τα παμε τζιαι ακριβως καλα με τουτο το θεμα ουτως η αλλως. Τα εντυπα διουν την ευκαιρια να παρακαμψεις τα οποια αρτηριοσκληρωμενα συστηματα τζιαι να φτασεις κατευθειαν στα μυαλα του κοσμου – οπως εκαμε τζιαι ο Λουθηρος πριν κατι αιωνες.Τζιαι το θεμα εν οτι οσα σκανδαλα τζιαι να αποκαλυπτεις, αμαν η κοινωνια εν μορφωνεται τζιαι εν προβληματιζεται τιποτε εν θα γινει. Απλως εννα εχουμε επαναληψη της ιδιας καταστασης.

Tales from the future

“Lucy! Hi!”


“Oh. Say that again!”

“Marc Marc Marc! Yes I’ve changed my voice. Noticed? :)”

“Wow! It’s great! I mean not that your old one was any bad but this is…”

“Sexier? :p”


“Heeh yeah I made a good pick. I wanted something with a bit more smoothness and lower harmonics. It’s a  new flavour just out from CyPhon and thought that I needed a change so..”

“Yeah they make the best voice chips in the market. Got a friend who bought one of their Vintage sets for a laugh, he sounded like Marlon Brandon for a week”

“Who’s that?”

“Oh. Umm…he was a famous flat movie actor way way back….you know back when they had people play them. My mate is into arts history so he digs in libraries a lot. Anyway I’m heading downtown for a drink. Join me!”

“Oh I’m going to pick up a friend from the station. She’s visiting for the weekend…ok we’ll go home to leave her stuff and if she’s up to it we’ll drop by”

“Allright Lucy. See ya! And don’t knock out too many men with that hot voice eh?”