There ought to be a partition somewhere along the bar.


And there should be a sign on it

And that sign should read

“People who just want to have a fucking drink, THIS WAY

I guess what I could do is drive by all the bars, count the number of couples and hop into the one that has the least.

We’ll see

In the meantime I’ll be talking to cats

What drink comes after the rain, on a citrus-scented moonlit night? 

Kαι προχωρουσα μεσα στη νυχτα χωρις να γνωριζω κανενα κι’ουτε κανενας με γνωριζε

Στην αρχη λαλω οτι παω γιατι με ενδιαφερει.

Μετα λαλω οτι παω γιατι εννα φκω που σπιτι να δω κανενα πλασμα, να κινηθω.

Στο τελος παω απλα για να καταλυθω.

Οπως πρεπει στο καθε ζωντανο αλλωστε.

Following the research findings of a Japanese research team I asked the cat a question

“Κορη, εσιεις episodic memory?”


I took that as a yes