I just spent what I think is 15 minutes trying to fold medicine instructions back to their original state


It was a strangely meditative experience, of the kind that makes me believe there must be at least one tiny buddhist sect somewhere whose monks have exactly this in their daily routine

Turns out all that was needed was to look at it from the side and it was clear how everything fitted together.

Something that may well apply to everything else in life.

Spent half an hour writing a post on the Internet, explaining to someone that Medea should not be viewed as a slasher film with a woman holding the chainsaw.

It appears that while the amount of free time that I have does not improve my life situation it clearly benefits the global stature of ancient Greek drama

Yesterday I dreamt of a tall brunette girl with dreadlocks

She had a white dress ans we were in some waterfront

We seemed to be both lovers and not lovers at the same time

As dreams go

She had a brilliant smile

It appears that I exist in a state of perpetual daze

Whatever behaviours others might witness upon my presence are mere illusions, caused by an autonomous outer shell that responds to changes in light, sound, temperature and air pressure by configuring itself into different animated forms

It is similar to a chameleon only with a far less fascinating colour palette.