I do wonder what I am turning into you know

Perhaps into one of those complicated clockwork automatons

Where under a series of porcelain layers

There are a myriad gears whirring away

Oblivious to existence

I think I’ve somehow elevated pasta to my favourite comfort food.

Which is to say when I’m in bad shape I usually go out for spaghetti.

Only because doing the dishes cancels out whatever bemeficial effects it has pn me

There’s a river and it’s always night

The lives of others are the flickering lights on the other bank and the muffled sounds that drift over the currents to reach me

My life is the grass on my back, the milky glow of the moon and this music

Νομιζω την τελευταια γεφυρα εκρουσα την πριν ενα χρονο περιπου. Η τρια. Εν θυμουμαι. Something she said. Something I said. Doesn’t matter. Perhaps it never did.

Εν πολλοερωτευκουμαι τωρα τελευταια

Η αληθεια να λεγεται

Παλια εγινετουν πιο συχνα

Εν νομιζω να αλλαξαν τοσο πολλα οι γεναιτζιες

It’s me

Probably psychological