Memory reproduction without access to Star Trek technology or a high-end movie studio are rather ephemeral affairs with low levels of fidelity.

And it all depends on the level of subtlety that you are going for.

For example if you simply miss the rain pouring down on you a decade ago you stand under the shower and close your eyes. Easy.

I miss the feeling of rain drops hitting my face indirectly – from bouncing off pavements and walls or carried by the breeze.

So I had to feel a bath tub, lie down in it, open the shower and tilt the flexible faucet so that the jet coming out of it hit the water at precisely the angle required for impact droplets to hit my cheeks.

Couldn’t bring a fan in the bathroom – too dangerous anyway – so no breeze but for a few moments it did bring back a wonderful early evening

And well, since I was already in a tub I had a bath too. A decent outcome, all things considered.

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