Memory reproduction without access to Star Trek technology or a high-end movie studio are rather ephemeral affairs with low levels of fidelity.

And it all depends on the level of subtlety that you are going for.

For example if you simply miss the rain pouring down on you a decade ago you stand under the shower and close your eyes. Easy.

I miss the feeling of rain drops hitting my face indirectly – from bouncing off pavements and walls or carried by the breeze.

So I had to feel a bath tub, lie down in it, open the shower and tilt the flexible faucet so that the jet coming out of it hit the water at precisely the angle required for impact droplets to hit my cheeks.

Couldn’t bring a fan in the bathroom – too dangerous anyway – so no breeze but for a few moments it did bring back a wonderful early evening

And well, since I was already in a tub I had a bath too. A decent outcome, all things considered.

A time traveller warps into a plane that according to historical archives went down due to an electrical failure with everyone on board killed. The time traveller knows that the plane had plenty of empty seats so no one will notice that someone walking in the aisle wasn’t actually in the plane during takeoff. And of course he reasoned that since everyone will die he will not alter the timeline in any way.

He speaks to the passengers, finding out as much detail as possible about early 21st century humanity for which there is scant information following the damage caused by the techno wars. He stays for an hour and warps out minutes before the end.

The added weight of the traveller causes the plane to tilt ever so slightly – enough that the wing hits the water a couple of degrees lower than it did in the original timeline. At these speeds, even such a small change is enough to alter the fragmentation of the part, its pieces breaking off differently that they otherwise would.

Salvage boat 3 is tasked with retrieving the parts of the wing. The pieces have spread out in a pattern different than in the original timeline. The last piece is found about 5 meters further south than the location it wqs found in the original timeline, thus being retrieved 30 seconds later than it normally would.

The delay is enough to cause salvage boat crew member 1 to miss a green light on his way home. He arrives home a minute later. A cosmic ray streaming from the heavens towards the front door of his house does not plunge to the ground as it did in the original timeline but instead passes right through his genitals, killing off a sperm cell in the process. A sperm cell that would fertilise an egg from his wife during sex two hours after. The egg is fertilised by a different sperm cell. Only now the end result is an embryo with a different gender than what it would, changing the entire future line of descendants leading to our time traveller never being born.

You don’t have to kill your grandfather to generate a paradox. Anything would do it. And that’s why we don’t have time travellers saying hello.

It’s the little things that differentiate one place from another

For example a place that decided to stay open on Sundays so that “you can enjoy your after-beach cocktails”

Was this specific proclamation necessary? No.

Was it pretentious? Yes.

Does it piss me off? Most definitely.

The closure of bar service is a death sentence for us loners

Maybe I should join the anti-vaxxer crowd for a chance to shout out about it.

And that’s how extreme movements gather followers. Through personal frustration and isolation, regardless of their irrationality

I tried remembering how visits to a friend’s house used to go when he was alone before hooking up and ending up living together with his girlfriend and.

I can’t fucking remember.

The Universe is expanding faster than the speed of light. And so every millisecond that passes, countless worlds slip forever out of reach, never to be visited by our descendants.

It’s the same with memories and it’s the same with people.

And every millisecond that passes I feel the people I know slipping away into unreality, soon never to have existed at all.

Onwards…to glory!

Kidding, there’s no glory to be had.

Writing this blog entry after so many years feels like turning on a 200 year old machine.

Or maybe a better approximation would be bringing to life an extinct species.

Because blogs are, indeed, extinct

As are my readers. Please note: I am not referring to the humans that used to wear them – these are most probably alive but of course I wouldn’t know. But the readers, that aspect of them that used to read my blog and leave comments? They are dead. But is this so worthy of note? In a way we humans die every moment, shedding our past selves every step of the way. I died so many times as have you. Sometimes we read the epitaphs of our past selves and feel like we are skimming over the lives of strangers. Or maybe is it most times? Not sure.

Perhaps the reason I am writing this now is because today I learnt of the lost silk road cities, once prosperous and joyous places now long buried in the sands of the desert. My blog is any one of those cities. My life, not so much. When was it joyous? I hardly remember

Or maybe the reason I am writing this post is because I came this close to ordering an 145 euro dish at a fancy restaurant but then thought of my family’s class history and thought better of it. Shocking, in its own way. Really, when you have nothing else going in your life, spending money on amything is a pain killer. I realise that now, much more than before.

Or maybe I am writing this because last night I remember laughing in my sleep but can’t remember the dream I was having

The restaurant gave me a drink on the house tonight. Sometimes you just have to go to sleep with whatever little gains the day gave tou, no matter how trivial.

Because what the hell else are you supposed to do?