Never really liked Classical Greek Architecture.

Too austere. Too dull.

Apparently everything was painted in garish colours back in the day.

Supposedly historians mention this in order to make that architecture more appealing.

To me that makes it even worse. Primary colours remind me of picture books and my very early discovery that I couldn’t paint for shit – I just splashed coloured ink all over the paper until any semblance of face or form was buried under it.

Another thing that I could never really like was Ancient Greek mythology.

And it all comes down to Centaurs.

I mean, what the hell is up with that? It’s ridiculous. It’s so ridiculous that it makes me angry just thinking about the possibility that I may be related to the people who came up with that.

And the Minotaur? That’s also ridiculous. It’s like someone cut up pictures of all the animals, then cut pictures of peoples and pasted the pieces while not looking

To be honest, about the only things that are all right in Greek mythology are Talos and that guy who stretched or chopped the legs of peoples who wouldn’t fit in his bed. No animal head or ass in sight.

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