I’ve imagined myself opening a bar and serving a line of cocktails having mouthwash as the special ingredient – each cocktail would be based on a mouthwash flavour with different spirits and aromas mixed in accordingly

Then I remembered that you are not supposed to drink it and the whole fantasy came crushing down.


The sound of the air conditioning unit sounds like a propeller engine. I’ve always found the sound of airplane engines to be time-dilating, the feeling you get when you stare at the seconds hand of a wall clock and it appears to stay still for way longer than a second; a moment trapped in a loop.


My fingers look way too straight tonight. I flip them off one after the other and what I see are cardboard figures angrily trying to make a point


Last night I was sitting next to a group of french people, probably in their early twenties. It quickly became apparent that not all French people speak like in the movies. I think that was the disappointment that broke me – I left soon after


I used to go to bed thinking that I would have interesting and even pleasant dreams. Instead they are so consistently shit and stressful that I’ve decided to watch youtube videos before sleeping, hoping that the two will cancel each other out and leave me in dreamless slumber

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