My life being what it is, I have observed a lot of people. 

A lot.

People who go out with other people, they see those around them but they don’t have much time to observe.

They are either wading through several different kinds of bullshit and inanities or are immersed in whatever drama, passion or story their companions carry with them.

Observe a large enough number of people for a long enough amount of time and sharp shapes rise out of the morass surrounding you, as abruptly as the contours inside a stereogram.

It is the moment when a body becomes a soul 

Yet in my experience a fair number of people don’t manage that; no amount of squinting can transform them into anything more than pictures on a flat tapestry, oftentimes a cacophonous one as well.

But there are times when some not only cross this boundary but do so magnificently, blooming like a fireflower.

A couple of nights ago I was in one of my usual drinking places, a place which I’m sure used to have other merits in the past but I can no longer remember what those were.

My eye fell on a couple that I had first seen in that same place a year ago, around Christmas.What struck me back then was how soft-spoken they had been; even though they were sitting a seat apart on my left I could not even make out their voice, let alone anything they talked about – the contrast to how most people behave around these parts could hardly be greater. Their bodies too flowed in equally calm waters, as if they lived in a bubble where time moved slower; yet I could find this no signs of tardiness or apathy but instead all I could discern was grace, the sense that someone is in sync with the tempo of universe without even knowing it. 

In the year since then I had seen them a few more times, always coming and leaving  alone.I wondered whether they had other friends since this city being what it is you are always bound to bump into someone you know. They must have had friends I thought, how could they not with such an aura? 

In our last random encounter – such an euphemism! – I had noticed that the girl appeared to be weighed down with sadness; it was there, in the crossing of the arms, the bow of the head and the stare that went through walls and people. I could not see the guy’s face from where I was so I could not tell if he was the cause of the sadness. You can tell everything from one’s eyes after all.

I was upset. Although it doesn’t make much sense to me I had decided somewhere along the line to root for this couple. I wanted them to stay together and to keep loving each other because  there was nothing else worth rooting for in my life and if I can’t make it then someone has to god damn it! The mere thought that they would break up filled me with dread.

A couple of drinks down the line and with the crowd thickening I lost sight of them, my field of view obscured by a bunch of dudes in fancy shirts trying to out-alpha each other.

Then at some point, between thick necks, I caught sight of them again, only for a few moments. The girl came round the table to him and he pulled her close, hugging her with his arms while they softly kissed. And that was the last I saw them. 

I had started writing this post as another one of my soliloquies. In the process I’d like to think that it became a monument to that couple’s love and their time together.

I wish them well, wherever their life takes them. 

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