A story in the web edition of a greek newspaper 

A story about Adele, the British artist and her post-natal depression

In the photo at the top there’s a beautiful topless woman smiling seductively, her breasts covered by her arms.

Either due to fatigue or a creeping inertia I tried to rationalise what my eyes registered, thinking that she had lost weight since the last time I saw her in a picture or – going in reverse – that it was an older photo before she was famous and boy did she let herself go in the meantime.

After a while my main brain engine kicked in and googled the image which of course showed that the picture was of Adele Exarchopoulos, the young french actress who got into a lot of sex in a French movie a couple of years back. 

That made sense.

For a moment I entertained the thought of writing a trollish comment on the site, telling them that if someone copy pastes the first result of Google Images without bothering to read any of the surrounding text is a complete moron whose pathetic job in the site will soon be taken over by robots;  but then I realised that comments were disabled and that I don’t really like Adele the singer in that order thus putting an end to this little armchair adventure.



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