The attempts of woefully untrained waitressing staff to appear attentive to the customers sometimes create unintentional set pieces.

Case in point, myself, dining alone and feeling more miserable than usual due to an encounter that triggered an avalanche of sunken hopes and bitter memories.

The waitress, a borderline obese  Eastern European  lady, reminded me of an actress I saw in a Balkan film ages ago, playing a gruff landlady. I could not imagine how she landed a waitressing job as the place was a proper restaurant rather than a fast food joint but then again its offerings were of a distinctively mediocre quality so it did not come as much of a surprise; whoever owned the place clearly did not aim to excite anyone with its establishment. 

After finishing my food and holding back the urge to order more wine, I noticed her towering in front of me and with a wide but awkward smile she asked

“Ενταξει, περνατε καλα;”

I could not laugh as I was too weighed down for it to surface but the sheer ridiculousness of her remark and the whirlwind of absurdity that it created around my table could not have belonged anywhere else other than in a fabulous dark comedy.

“Καλω! Ναι!” I replied, playing along in this theatrical adaptation of my life being the only sane option.


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