I came to the place that had the gig straight from a wedding reception, wearing a shirt and long trousers which over the years have become my official wedding receptions clothes.

The cocktail party was a pretty dire affair although in the process I did learn that an attractive female colleague is deeply religious, that out of every hundred local women there is at least one who will wear a breathtaking dress and that crab sticks are definitely out of current cocktail party food trends

The place had a handful of people which on a Saturday night was a bit jarring. It did mean however that the bar was vacant and that noise was almost absent – a rare thing in public spaces here.

I had no idea who the artist was nor had I looked her up; from the half-read text that accompanied the announcement I had somehow managed to imagine their music as a rather stark blend of minimalist electronica interspersed with simple string sounds.

I guess my life does seep through my imagination

But I was completely wrong. So wrong in fact that when they started playing I was taken aback by the realisation of my misjudgement. Instead of desolation I had found beauty, a feeling of enveloping serenity that dissolved all my demons as if they were made from morning dew. In the gentleness of their songs, in that single hour that it lasted, I was free.

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