Apart from making the act of walking naked around the land a significantly riskier endeavour than what it used to be (“hey, did you see that youtube video of a guy strolling butt naked in a field? He looks a lot like you!”) mobile phones have an another more subtle impact

For back in the day, you really could stop stuff from reaching you – you just didn’t answer. No one would send a letter if you didn’t pick up the phone, even if,technically, they could; they understood that you didn’t want to read it – it was an aspect of interpersonal relations, acknowledged by all.

Now, the text will always reach you. Even if you switch off the phone it’s still there,waiting, for as long as it takes. All it takes is the flick of a switch and even worse, its mere presence, the  potential to be read, has already altered the future.

Perhaps what upsets me the most is that we have lost our ability to choose the boundaries of our world, the ability to regulate them,to constict and expand them as best fits our current state of mind;once that bundle of words is launched it will collapse whatever cosy little reality you had going there. And there is nothing you can do about it. 

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