It’s not often that you see loners out in this town

But going out alone as much as I do, I did witness their presence on several occassions

And I keep stats on how they look.


Well, I say stats but they are more mental notes.

From the set I exclude those who are working – it’s hard to figure out their emotional state when they are glued to a screen or their notes.

Now, for the rest

In general, I’ve found that most women who sit alone don’t look miserable – if anything they appear to seem rather defiant in a “I can take whatever you throw at me” way.

As for the men, I’ve met some who are bat shit crazy. They do seem to enjoy life though.

Which is quite easy if you decide to go mad

But most of the other men, they look quite miserable.

I mean, I am alone but I’d like to think that I don’t look that miserable.

The post was written while sitting at a bar, on a Sunday noon, in the old town, two seats away from a clearly lonely man.


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