I just discovered that fried okra doesn’t have any slime in it

Cause it dries out I guess

I always wandered what I would have done if the only food available to me was okra

The thought was excruciating

I did try to eat okra. I did! I even managed to finish up my plate on three different occasions

I thought I had moved beyond my uncontrollable urge to hurl as soon as the vegetable made contact

Then on the fourth time I had to spit it out to avoid projectile vomiting.

I guess I was self-hypnotising myself the other times and I had somehow failed to repeat the feat

Fried okra it is then.

And yes, this was a post about okra.

Let it never be said that this blog shies away from difficult topics.

One thought on “

  1. Okra is just perfect. As long as you know how to cook it. Yes, you don’t cook, I know.
    Apla prepi prota na tin tianizis lio na mara8i je meta na tin psinis sti saltsa. En pou tin efaes xoris tianisi je en sou arese.
    Rota je mas pou 3eroume prin tin katadikasis. En to mono prasino mairemmeno pou troo.

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