Last night me and a mate ended up in a kids’ bar.

It was the only decent place within a mile radius, and a downtown radius at that.

Which really says it all about the bar scene in this fuckin town

And no, I will refuse to call it a city while this state of affairs continues

The thing with these places is that you are wary of opening a chat with the barmen because of the time bombs they may inadvertently throw at you.

It’s when you are saying “Yeah, I remember going to a gig at that place and that band were playing and -”

And they are saying “Sorry, don’t know them, they were before my time and isn’t that place a novelty food joint now?”

In between that and feeling like accidental pederasts the pair of us chatted about life, career, mortality and other topics in a scene that, filmed by a good director, would look damn good in a quirky indie black comedy

The drinks, in case you were wondering, were not bad at all. The kids, as they say, were allright

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