Legends of the Fall

I wonder sometimes, if I spend enough time sitting at a table in a cafe or restaurant would I manage to become invisible to everybody around?

Perhaps a couple will come in asking for a table. The waiter will look at my table but even though their eyes will tell them that the seats are empty, something, some vague unsettling feeling, will come over them, and that will whisper in their mind that something’s not quite right, that there is a presence there and to the bewilderment of the couple they will walk them to a different table, occasionally looking over their shoulder while doing so.

4 thoughts on “Legends of the Fall

  1. Βλέπω τέτοιον κόσμο.
    Εμφανίζεται 16.00-18.00 και τρώει σούπα συνήθως.
    Πίνει εσπρεσσο.
    Αφήνει 2 ευρώ φιλοδωρημα και φεύγει χωρίς να χαιρετισει.

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