Dark City

You should never write a post during the day here.

It will come out as a mess of melted icecream on the pavement.

It’s the heat you see.

It dilutes the thoughts you have in your head. Maybe because the space between the neurones gets bigger.

This is evident by my collection of drafts. May they remain unseen for all of time.

So I post at night

The darkness transforms.

The darkness warps.

The sea of ugly concrete that is this town becomes a constellation of lights where you can fill in the blanks in whichever way you want.

Every lit window becomes a gate to another world.

And the faces you see along the streets are ever changing by the shadows and technolight falling on them at every step.

And the worlds and creatures hidden inside each and every one of us become louder and more solid giving to some the joy of letting them out and to others the dread of having to check that the locks are still holding.

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