Tales from the future

“Lucy! Hi!”


“Oh. Say that again!”

“Marc Marc Marc! Yes I’ve changed my voice. Noticed? :)”

“Wow! It’s great! I mean not that your old one was any bad but this is…”

“Sexier? :p”


“Heeh yeah I made a good pick. I wanted something with a bit more smoothness and lower harmonics. It’s a  new flavour just out from CyPhon and thought that I needed a change so..”

“Yeah they make the best voice chips in the market. Got a friend who bought one of their Vintage sets for a laugh, he sounded like Marlon Brandon for a week”

“Who’s that?”

“Oh. Umm…he was a famous flat movie actor way way back….you know back when they had people play them. My mate is into arts history so he digs in libraries a lot. Anyway I’m heading downtown for a drink. Join me!”

“Oh I’m going to pick up a friend from the station. She’s visiting for the weekend…ok we’ll go home to leave her stuff and if she’s up to it we’ll drop by”

“Allright Lucy. See ya! And don’t knock out too many men with that hot voice eh?”


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