Sometimes I wished I lived in a big house and all the rooms were bathrooms in different layouts, shapes and sizes.

And when I say bathrooms I mean the kind of bathrooms you got to see in fantasy movies where water was constantly running from a dozen different places through intricately carved stone mouthpieces into ornate pools lined with mosaics

And each room would be connected with the rest via water slides and water elevators with pressurised water used to lift you up floors massaging you while doing so.

And the bed would be a waterbed like the kinds you get in the beach and you would move around the house paddling on top of it.

And there wouldn’t be a kitchen because I don’t cook and doesn’t look like I will ever cook again.

And all the lighting would be pool lighting, that unique kind of light that looks like it’s coming from some sort of magical underwater paradise that can give you unlimited bliss.

Just water. Water everywhere.

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