When I’m in public spaces I spend time observing the faces of people.

Mostly the female ones but male ones do not completely escape my attention

I use the word spend because I have the feeling that I consume more time in this than the average person which may not even consider this as a distinct event in their day.

Faces fascinate me.

And one of the fascinating things about them is the observation that while most faces can indeed be classified as “Cypriot” or – taking into consideration our history with our neighbours – as “South-eastern mediterranean”, there are several which wouldn’t look out of place in an American or Spanish or French movie, yet the people who wear them (excuse the treatment of faces as accessories although it might make a good short story plot…hmmm…but anyway..) are as Cypriot as any of us. In some cases it has also been confirmed that parents and grandparents were native to the land.

What is fascinating to me then is the mystery of their origins. Could it be that these are signs of foreign ancestors dating back centuries that have somehow remained in the bloodline even though that element has been gone from Cyprus for centuries?

Or could it be that this goes back even further, back to when there were not distinct European tribes or nations and that these faces were always there in the bloodlines of the Indo-Europeans which colonised this part of the world and just pop-up from time to time, the genes responsible awakening from long periods of dormancy?

I wouldn’t know.

Maybe I should have studied anthropology but as it is, I can only write short blog posts and stay satisfied with merely capturing the question.

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