The Day

One day the mail

will stop arriving.

You will ask for the postman

Only to be told

That there never was one.

You will arrive at work

To find only a janitor

Who will casually inform you

That the building

has been vacant for years.

You will try to call your friends

To tell them you are going mad

But your contact list will be empty.

You will take your car

And drive in empty streets

Thinking how ridiculous

The traffic lights seem.

You will go around

block after block

Through childhood alleys

And teenage hangouts

You will start to forget

First the others

And then yourself

Until you are almost

nothing more than

a mere city function.

Then you will see her,

as you pass each other by.

You will both stop and

Nervously look at each other

Before walking the distance

between you.

You will exchange half-remembered words

To let each other know

That you haven’t seen anyone else out there.

You will talk a bit and then some more

Perhaps you will cry

only for the tears

To be chased away by a smile.

And when you will no longer be afraid

You will raise your hands and touch

Paying no heed to the sudden burst of noise

And the people bumping past you

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