How To Become An Alcoholic

I bought a wine journal because the shit shop at the mall didn’t have any of the CDs or books that I wanted.

I got home and picked up the half-full bottle of wine I had in the fridge because I just had to write something in my new journal.

I couldn’t find the words to describe the subtleties of the wine’s texture, taste and aroma so I kept drinking until I managed to write something.

“Slightly spicy”

The bottle ended up empty by the end of the exercise.

One thought on “How To Become An Alcoholic

  1. αρέσκει μου πολλά άμα πάω κάπου τζαι βάλλουν μου κρασί να δοκιμάσω… πάντα λαλώ ότι εννά πάρω ύφος τζαι να πω διάφορες αρλούμπες τζαι να τους πω να το πετάξουν τζαι να μου φέρουν να δοκιμάσω άλλο αλλά πάντα καταλήγω να πω “εν πολλά ωραίο, ευχαριστώ” 🙂

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