The pair of shorts

There is a particular pair of shorts

In New Orleans


There is a particular pair of shorts,

Beige in colour, or something along these lines

– I never learnt the names of colours

other than the ones in my first grade crayon set –

That I happen to wear once or twice a week.

But this particular pair of shorts

Appears to be afflicted by a certain kind of enchantment

For whenever I wear it

I forget to pull the zipper up.

Sometimes the realization comes before I am in the company of others.

And sometimes not.

Granted, wearing a long t-shirt

And underpants

Helped to minimize the risk of being noticed by others

Although it did not,unfortunately, eliminate it.

In order to prevent the occurrence of similar wardrobe malfunctions

I decided to stop wearing that pair of shorts

Pending the outcome of a thorough investigation.

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