I’ve been listening a lot to the Pierces….I think they are generally very popular these days…at least from what I can gather from going out…which is not that often cause nobody wants to go out with me….but it’s okay…I can get drunk easier without “friends” hanging around….anyway…I like the Pierces…they have that 60s sound which is great, no matter how you frame it….because songs back then, they had melody….not like todays songs where they are all just glorified versions of foreplay….yeah, I’m a romantic, I like my songs to be something more than what a slut would say to get you to bed with her…the thing is, if you think about it, people in the 60s fucked as much as we do today even if their songs were not explicit…which makes you wonder exactly what progress have we made after all these decades….if anything we went backwards….to the stone age….ugggg…..


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