My first and second blog posts were published on the same March Sunday. The latter of the two was written in anger at having woken up by a faulty fire detector in my room.

Today, I got woken up by the sound of big drums whose banging grew progressively louder before fading into the distance.

After dispersing the creeping sensation that I was reliving Anthony’s last days in a farcical universe, the thought came to me that despair and hope are really different versions of the same fundamental thing; hope is anti-despair and despair is anti-hope. A bit like fundamental particles in physics only they generate better poetry.

And between the two opposite extremes of this construct, there are countless combinations of the two.

Maybe as many as there are metaphors to describe them.

The one I chose for me today is that currently, It feels like giving up on life is just around the corner only I stopped just two steps away from turning that corner because I am trying to get a very stubborn piece of gum out of my shoe.

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