Heard joke doing the rounds.

Israeli prime minister comes to Cyprus and meets public figures.

Israeli prime minister goes back to Israel and says to his associates

I met Praksoulla Antoniadou, Erato Markoulli and Eleni Theocharous.

There is no god damn way Venus was born in that place.


I have a cascading flow chart of what I would like my future partner to be like.

Cascading in that I start out with all the best things in looks and personality and then go down from there with a series of IF-NOT-THIS-THEN-THAT arrows.

The lower down the chart you go, the shorter the descriptions become.


Υποψιάζομαι ότι κάποιοι συνάδελφοι μου στη δουλειά εν έχουν ψυσιή.


I can’t understand why during carnival so many men dress up like women in Cyprus. Must be Freudian.


Listening to Josquin Des Prez I remember how cleansing and achingly beautiful this type of music is. There really is nothing else that can do that.


I’ve met women these past week, danced with them, laughed and chatted with them but by the time I go home hardly any trace of them is left. I might not see them again and not blink an eye. I miss dreaming about someone and I miss closing my eyes and seeing their smile or hearing their voice in my head. “Πάλε εν ερωτεύτηκα” λαλώ στον παρέα μου πριν ππέσουν οι καληνύχτες.


Μπορεί ούτε εγώ να έχω ψυσιή τελικά.

4 thoughts on “Vespers

  1. (Μπορεί να μεν σε κόφτει η άποψή μου αλλά….) νομίζω πως όσο το υπεραναλύεις εν θα έβρεις τζίνο που ψάχνεις….

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