Colour me

Sometimes I find out that my blog is in other bloggers’ blog lists.

I don’t know what would make one want to do that, what one could like about this blog.

It makes me feel a bit weird.

Like I’m supposed to do something without knowing what.

I was thinking a bit earlier.

What if rich people really were blue-blooded?

And what if a rich person and a normal person had sex and one of the two got pregnant?

Would the baby have green blood?

I’m tired.

In my life thoughts of compromising are starting to rise like the water level at the deck of a sinking ship.

Starting something with someone you are not in love with and hope you fall in love with them afterwards.

Maybe it works for some people, I don’t know.

I feel like if I would do something like that I would first need to shoot my soul in the head.

But hey, maybe I would be doing my soul a favor.

I’m tired.

3 thoughts on “Colour me

  1. The baby would actually have purple blood, considering one parent was blue blooded and the other had normal typical red. 🙂

  2. for green we mix yellow and cyan 🙂

    και τώρα που τελείωσε το μάθημα ζωγραφικής μπορώ να πω ότι δεν αρκούν οι προθέσεις για να αγαπήσεις ένα άτομο, θα πρέπει να βρεις και κάτι να αγαπήσεις πάνω της αλλιώς άσε το καλύτερα!

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