On the first day of Christmas

It’s Christmas and I’m losing it.

Could be an infection.

I think I have an infection somewhere.

I had this before I think.

I get it once a year.

I don’t remember if it’s always Christmas though.


Was that on the side effects list?

I don’t think I’ve read the list actually.

The food I had for lunch maybe.

There was something funny with the turkey I think.

Or the sauce.

The experience right now is a bit Quantum.

I mean, if my friends are not here then do they exist?

If I don’t see the street outside does it go away?

I find it hard to really convince myself that I am sitting on a chair.

I mean, to convince him entirely, leaving no benefit of a doubt.

Same thing with typing this. I mean, I hear the tapping sounds and see the letters on the screen but I still can’t be quite certain that I’m doing this.

My dreams are awful by the way.

They are all variations of not studying for the test theme.

In different settings and manifestations but with the same main theme.

This is again the worst Christmas I’ve had so far.

I think.

I don’t remember what I did last Christmas.

Or the one before that.

But I’m pretty sure they were crap as well.

Maybe I should get chocolate.

It might help in curing existential problems


6 thoughts on “On the first day of Christmas

  1. na su pw, o tropos pu epivionnw egw ine na endosw sto trashness aftwn twn imerwn. aspume take it all the way.
    christmas day> i went to THE MALL OF CYPRUS.
    i wanted to watch the> new years’ eve movie (opu eprospathisan na mpi3un osus i8opius ginete pastin afishan)
    then i decided to go to an entexno gig> sta LYMPIA
    and finished the night with xmas dinner> at HUNGRY MAX

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