You probably missed it.

An Argentinian court sentenced one of the junta’s worst murderers to life to prison.

Eleven other junta officers were sentenced to life in prison as well.

In Argentina the junta executed tens of thousands of civilians either immediately of after horrible torture. The vast majority of the victims were not communist terrorists as they claimed but civilians without any participation in violent activities.

Often the torture was conducted in buildings in downtown Buenos Aires, right on the main boulevards of the city.

The buildings had poor sound insulation; the screams of the victims could be heard for a considerable distance around them

The vast majority of victims were in their twenties and thirties. Men and Women.

I remember back when I was a kid, I had just read about this period of Argentina’s history and wondered how it was possible that all these murderers were not sentenced of anything, how it was possible for them to still live as if nothing had happened, most of them keeping their positions in the military and police.

Back then no one in Argentina was prepared to seek justice.

This has now changed.

Several junta officers have already been sentenced; others are in prison awaiting their trial.

A victory for humanity.

For once.


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