The last post was a success.

Skin sells.

I think that if I was free from money worries I would like to work as a bathroom salesman for a few months.

There is something special about bathrooms.

It’s one of the few places in the house where you are guaranteed to be naked in at least once a day,for one.

Unless you don’t shower every day.

Hey, I’m not the one to judge your personal hygiene.

No disrespect.

And while you may also spend the time naked in the bedroom, either having sex, sleeping or just for the fun of it, the bathroom stands out because there is water involved. I mean, it’s an experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the house unless you like to hose yourself while cooking or watching a movie.

Which let’s face it, it’s kind of messy.

And being surrounded by water is a meditative experience – sure, it won’t enlighten you about the meaning of life or the sense behind platform shoes but it will allow you to clear your head and get your bearings in a way that is somehow more effortless and easy than everything else.

So yeah, I’d like to sell bathrooms as a hobby.

This post has been a –

Wait, the phone is ringing.

“Yes?The Guinness Book Of Records you say? An award? For most impressive cover letter for a bathroom sales job application? Why thank you!Thank you!”

7 thoughts on “Bathrooms

  1. Άσχετο! Έβρεξε σήμερα…you must be delighted. =)

    I like bathrooms as well( and toilets also) but I wouldn’t want to sell them! To be more precise I wouldn’t want to sell them to people who cannot make their mind!

  2. η αναρτιση ταλανιζεται μεταξυ του “ω, εντυπωσιακο” και “ω, φοβητσιαρικο”…
    αλλα, μου αρεσε που βρηκες κατι τοσο ενδιαφερον να πεις για το χωρο που περιλαμβανει -εκτος αλλων- ξυραφακια, τριχες,μουχλα, υγρασια, βρωμια, λεκεδες απο τις σταγονες του νερου κλπ.
    παρεπιπτοντως, ψαχνω για καινουρια καμπινα ντουζ.πατρωνισιμη.απο εκεινες με τα φωτα και τις μουσικες.

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