I’m not awake yet

Spent the night drinking at a bar where I’ve more or less become a regular on weekends.

Not that this does me any good.

For a time I hated everyone.

Yes, even you, reader.

Thought that this night was shit and then I thought that this life is shit.

Saw a picture of me when I was about five. I has holding my head with my hands under the chin and I looked straight at the camera. I looked happy there. I placed the picture in front of me at the desk and mimicked the exact same posture, looking straight at my younger self.

A self which no longer belongs to me. Someone else.

“Που να ήξερες” αναφώνησα σιγανά τζιαι εφύλαξα την φωτογραφία.

When coming back home I had Rory on really fucking loud and wished that I wasn’t on a fucked up island but somewhere on a big continent, so that I could drive and drive and drive until I got tired and then when I get off the car to find myself somewhere I haven’t been to for a hundred times already.

And Rory would still be blaring away.

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