This day,it’s a bit like having parts of me running in opposite directions and having to keep going after them in order to bring them back together.

Actually it started from last night, when I was busy having my head bashed in with a hammer after watching one fucked up dream after another.

Even now it takes effort to stay focused enough to write this post.

Pills! I need pills!

Well ok, painkillers. I’ve got a headache too.

Maybe because of the dreams or the heat or work or existential angst or other stuff.


What’s up with that?

Or the people living them?

Stay tuned!

But then the studio explodes and everyone dies horribly so I guess there won’t be anything to stay tuned to.

I just remembered that when driving back home I was wearing the same clothes as Michael Douglas in Falling Down.

No fly in the car though.

Being incoherent has its beauty doesn’t it?

A bit like the twisted metal of a multiple car crash.

Come to think of it, it would make for a good modern art exhibition

Or installation, whatever it’s called.

I don’t remember seeing anyone doing something like that.

They could call it something like “Twisted Metal” or “Crash”.

Actually no, these are rock band names

Something more sophisticated maybe.

And if the exhibition is a failure they can sell the junk to scrap yards to break even.

I bought a new mouthwash today.

New flavour.

Just think of all the new cocktails I can make!


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