I believe that there are machines

In some modern factories

-In Germany, or Japan, maybe-

whose daily life

has more variety than my own.

So the heat switch has been switched on again and the caretaker has buggered off to some place cooler until December.

All you heat wackos should be happy now.

I’ve been invited to a wedding reception on Saturday.

The buffet or finger food or whatever the hell will be on offer better be good

Because in the last couple of weddings I’ve been to it was shit.

Yeah, I’m writing about food!

Didn’t I tell you I’m aiming for shiskas status?


And it’s a rare phenomenon

Here anyway

You spot a woman wearing a strapless

And she doesn’t pull it up every minute or so

Because her boobs are just the right size for it.

I’m thinking of getting all the books I don’t like

From my bookshelf

Pile them up and burn them

I could recycle them of course

But I’m not really into a planet saving mood right now

And fire is always jolly good to watch

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