Draw me an island

Sometimes I wish that I lived in a small island, the kind that has enough room for a big house, a big garden and about ten minutes walk of wilderness until you reach the water.

It would be close enough to other land so that you would be able to see the lights of traffic at night and it would be in a lake or in the middle of a really wide river – but not in the sea because right now I’m not in the mood for imagining splashy water. I want it calm as glass.

There wouldn’t be any bridges – the only way you would be able to reach the mainland would be with a boat albeit a modern one because I like my 21st century comforts

This way, it would be easier to find excuses

For not wanting to get out the front door.

One thought on “Draw me an island

  1. megalo voukko vale megalo ‘llo men peis file. j egw ta idia euxomoun jai twra exw ta. j den en ka8olou kala. na evreis hshxia me ton eauto sou eshei parapanw fasaria j polemo apo oso emporesa na fantastw. pros to parwn xannw ka8e maxh. j polles fores ekontepsa na ppesw j mesa sth limnh. j to post en apolyta kyriolektiko xwris metafores touth th fora.

    careful what you wish, you just might get it.

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