Work will set you free

I just realised.

I hardly ever use the exclamation mark in my posts.

I guess it’s because I reserve the device for special occassions.

Which of course don’t come often

if at all.


I’m tired.

I mean, really really tired.

Walking to the bathroom becomes an exercise in cost-benefit analysis.

But it gets me thinking, this.

If I had a girlfriend with me and she wanted sex would I say no?



Probably not.

But she would have to be on top.



5 thoughts on “Work will set you free

  1. Μα ίνταμπουν τούτες οι κουβέντες πόψε…
    Εν περίεργη η εικόνα που έβαλες. Εν είμαι σίουρη αν μου αρέσκει ακόμα. Εεε νομίζω ναι.

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