Medieval Cyprus

Γυρεύκω να έβρω που ήταν το μεσαιωνικό μοναστήρι του Αγίου Δομίνικου στην Λευκωσία. Το μόνο που εκατάφερα να έβρω στο Google εν ότι τζιαμέ ήταν θαμμένοι οι πλείστοι Φράγκοι βασιλιάδες της Κύπρου.

Αν μπορεί κάποιος να με βοηθήσει ή έσιει πληροφορίες να μου γράψει please.

Thank you


4 thoughts on “Medieval Cyprus

  1. Μα βασικά εκατεδαφίστηκε, αν δεν κάμνω λάθος. Εννοείς γυρέφκεις να έβρεις πού ήταν;
    Το μόνο που ξέρω εν ότι ήταν τζιαμέ που εν η Πύλη Πάφου

  2. Kapou diavasa oti h Pylh Pafou htan gnvsth kai ws Pylh tou Agiou Dominikou ara logika to monasthri 8a htan kapou ekei konta.
    To monasthri katastrafhke apo tous Enetous ston anasxediasmo ths Leukwsias.

    elpizw na voh8hsa estw kai ligo

  3. From a quick google search I found out it’s on “the other side” through paphos gate, but it was demolished by the venetians some time ago…

  4. Thank you for your replies.

    I am aware that the Venetians demolished a great deal of medieval buildings in order to make the diameter of the city smaller. From some books I’ve read it appears that the old French fortifications – and consequently the actual city – were far bigger than the current Venetian ones reaching as far away as the PASIDY hill. An abbey and several churches were among the razed buildings.

    As an admirer of medieval French architecture it makes me sad to think that Nicosia could have had several more medieval monuments than the handful it has today. It’s such a waste when you think about it, especially when you read that the reason the Venetians did all that was so that they could build their huge fortifications which in the end didn’t make any difference to the fate of the city.

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