Friday night

I was never good at flirting.

The women who were attracted to me must have seen something else.

Something that I could not.


I never thought to ask them what that was.


When you are single

near a certain age

in Cyprus

meeting new people is a rare occurrence.

When I got back home

I poured myself a drink

as a petty celebration

Πας στα ποτά σου

όταν είσαι μέσα σε κόσμο

σκέφτεσαι διάφορα πράματα.

Εψες σε κάποια φάση


Αν τελικά καταλήξω με κάποια

για να περάσω τη ζωή μου μαζί της

εννάν όμορφη;


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